• * KoMaeko Presents *

    Radioactive Seaweed
  • With a browser intro

    100% pure HTML+JS+CSS3
  • Original 1991 Amiga font in .woff/.ttf format
  • 100% Geeky :-)
  • Code
    Ed Barnes
    Ed Barnes
    Seen/Melon Dezign
  • After looking all over the internet for advice on how to make a Javascript Demo
  • I came across websites that where remaking Amiga style intros in HTML5/JS
  • I took some of their ideas and made this!
  • This demo is dedicated to:
  • The Sizewell B Nuclear Power Plant
  • For providing radioactive seaweed during my childhood holidays to the seaside!
  • While explaining that to some friends during a later trip they coined the term Radioactive Seaweed
  • I decided it was destined to become a Javascript website
  • Greetings to Kewlers, Farbrausch, Amoeba, BDSE, Fit, Project AA, Dynamix, x-jammer, Seen/Melon Dezign and Amiga Computers!
  • Keep coding

    Long live the Demoscene!